Advice for Growers in Today’s Economy

advice for growers from John Laffey

Many growers are turning to agronomists, ag retailers and other industry experts for advice about the best ways to strengthen their farming operations. Topics including soil health, seed selection, insect and disease pressure and more have long been the starting point for growers looking for the best ways to make improvements that will make their operations stronger overall.

Today, as growers rely even more on data, research and other technology in addition to their traditional farming equipment, agronomists and their network of agricultural experts are as important as ever.

For growers, improving efficiency and making effective decisions can be crucial to achieving a high quality and profitable crop. Since they are always looking to make smart and strategic purchase decisions when it comes to seed, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and adjuvants, growers look to utilize the expertise of their agriculture retailer and other ag partner businesses to provide them guidance when making these decisions. Through these agriculture experts, growers hope to successfully plant and produce a high yielding crop by minimizing pest and disease pressures and managing weed resistance to increase overall profitability for their farming operation.

We caught up with John Laffey with Dow AgroSciences during our LIFT Summit in June 2016 to get his thoughts and advice for growers in today’s economy.

Video Transcript

Don’t pay attention to the noise. Do what you do best. Get up go to work every day and farm and rely on companies like Dow AgroSciences and some of the other supporters that are here today to help work through those issues whether it be through fertilizer sources, fertilizer stabilization, additives to the fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides etc. Farmers are really good at what they do and just rely on us to help them be more profitable.

Original Source: Leaders of In-Furrow Technology, West Central

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