Celebrate National Ag Day on March 21

“Growing up in rural South Dakota, surrounded by farms and ranches as far as the eye could see, I never gave the food supply chain a second thought. It was intertwined in everything I did,” writes Mark Biedenfeld, vice president, CHS Aligned Solutions on the Ag Day blog. He goes on to emphasize the important role those in agriculture play in helping our broader communities understand where their food comes from.

Biedenfeld joins others in contributing to the blog in a nod to National Ag Day, coming up this Tuesday, March 21. The celebration is now a tradition across the U.S., created to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Agriculture provides almost everything we eat, use and eat on a daily basis, and is increasingly contributing to fuel and other bio-products.

Activities to Education on National Ag Day

Across the nation, companies, educators, student groups and associations participate in Ag Day activities to educate average consumers on the importance of American agriculture. Every year, an annual contest is held with recognition in the form of scholarship money for the written and video essays that best communicate a stated theme. You can find this year’s student-created winning written essay and video essay here.

Special events are also held in Washington, D.C., to highlight agriculture’s impact among legislators.

The National Ag Day program encourages everyone to:

  • Understand how food and fiber products are produced
  • Appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products
  • Value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy
  • Acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food and fiber industry

Read more about National Ag Day at agday.org. Follow related events on Twitter at #AgDay.

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) hosts the annual event recognizing agriculture’s contributions to America’s economy and culture. CHS has been an ACA and Ag Day sponsor since 1993.

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